Turrentine Jones – Slam the Door (Official Music Video)



Glamorous, sleazy, sexy- Turrentine Jones

What is a rock band without the attitude and a great sense of cool? You are right! That is why it is refreshing to stumble upon these musicians and get to know their music as represented by their current single Slam the Door. It has a burlesque kind of feel with the great voice of Julian Neville (guitar / vocals) which is a cross between David Bowie and Tim Burgess of The Charlatans.

They will be releasing their debut album this August. A new single is coming out next month. Guess what, they’ve got somebody in t he band who plays the organ. His name is Thomas Scotson. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t get to hear rock bands with an organist these days! Drummer Rich Watts keeps everything in order. He adds to the distinctive sound of Turrentine Jones. Give these lads a listen and watch out for new music from them soon.

Hey, I don’t mind if they are the new face of rock. I think that isw hat should happen! They are influenced by bands like The Animals, Lou Reed, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Booker T & the MGs, The Seeds and The Mar-Keys.






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