Americana, Blues, Roots, Folk, Jazz, Latin, and Rock: Nmbr11


Several months ago, Nmbr11 ( a duo founded by artists Bernard Bulhack and Yeshiva), announced that they will record their debut album. It looks like the effort is taking shape nicely with the involvement of amazing musicians. According to their bio:

Nmbr11 was born on May 11th 2012 after the two met when they joined a blues project. Their interest in other genres drove them to branch off and create the duo. They were born and raised in South America (Bernard is from Chile and Yeshiva is from Venezuela), and came to live in the US over 13 years ago. Being exposed to many cultures resulted in the rich sound they now deliver in their music. Their hearts, however, are ever so taken by Americana music, which is the style they drift towards when it comes to writing.

Before I Die is their official single and the album Follow the Song will have its official release date on July 11. I am liking what I hear already! Why the number 11? Aha! That is one of the questions that Bernard and Yeshiva will answer when they get the Sphere Music interview. So watch out for that one. The album will be available in various formats including vinyl. So all you vinyl lovers, get ready. This will be a sultry treat to your ears.

Find out more here:

Also visit:

In the studio.

In the studio.

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