Feeling Free (JCRZ Chill Out House Mix) – Paula

There is something otherwordly in how English  musician/vocalist Paula delivers her songs. Feeling Free is a song she wrote for sometime. The original has a New Age feel, which reminds me of  most of the tracks from Moya Brennan’s Two Horizons album. But Paula is a pure soprano and I think she exploited her vocal range in this track as she layered them in a wispy manner, allowing the harmonies to weave their own tales.

JCRZ adds the beats making this tune accessible to pop and dance listeners. I wish Paula makes more of this type of songs because Feeling Free is really addictive and I end up repeating the track in my iphone (connected to my bluetooth speaker playing in the other end of the living room).

The song has a mystical theme. I like how it defines the internal sense of fulfillment by casting all worries and things that hurt us. Going inside yourself and taking time off  to connect with your spiritual half can be a liberating experience.





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