Chad Paquet and the nifty tunes. Sometimes it is great to take a break from life and examine the bigger picture. A few years ago, Canadian musician Chad Paquet was putting an album together. He had everything figured out only to change his game plan. Perhaps this applies to all of us. Nothing is what it seems. Things can happen. Sometimes you invest your time and effort on a wrong person. Sometimes the situation doesn’t work. All it takes is a blind leap of faith and believe that things will work out in the end. These tracks posted on his myspace page reflect the things be had attained as a human being and as an artist. His instrumentals are wrapped in jaw dropping complexities. Pretty Glenn and Sometime in Smarchie’s are original compositions I heard few years back before his accident, which horribly rendered him incapacitated for more than a year. He is more of a jazz guy but his love for rock tunes makes his music eclectic. He is trying to collaborate with local vocalists who will sing his tunes. 20140709-103738-38258579.jpg 20140709-103738-38258631.jpg 20140709-103738-38258508.jpg

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