Drinking creative whiskey on a Monday morning with Don Beekeeper

It is a manic Monday but in case you want to stop for a while and drink the atmosphere from a song that promises to get you ‘creatively drunk’ then check this track out. It is called Drinking Whiskey from Don Beekeeper. Don has been heavily concentrating on his poetry page as well as photography. He is also helping raise a baby so this year is a wonderful one for him. Don Beekeeper lives in Toronto and he has released a couple of EPs and albums.

In Drinking Whiskey, his voice sounds gentle. There is also this punctuated chord effect that serves as a drum on top of the tambourine. I like that because it sounds haunting.

Don Beekeeper never disappoints and listeners will always be surprised.I wish there is a vehicle for his music to reach the wider mainstream so that many will learn to appreciate his many gifts as an artist.

I look forward to more recordings from this fantastic Canadian singer/songwriter. And please help spread the word. Have a great Monday!

Drinking Whiskey – Don Beekeeper by Don Beekeeper

Shared from the SoundCloud iOS app. Get it for free here: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/soundcloud/id336353151?mt=8


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