Welcome to Mp3Bonez, a 100% FREE sound effects library!

This post is different form the usual as it deals with ringtones and special sound effects. Yes I am not kidding. I stumbled upon this great site called Mp3Bonez. I downloaded the Ba-dum-Tsh After Joke Sound Effect . I like it because I am planning to use it in my future podcast. Just as a sort of accidental sound in between programs.

Here is what the site is about:

Mp3Bonez is a completely free sound effects library with thousands of sounds in over 20 categories. To start downloading, register here.

All sounds on this site are free to download for non-commercial personal use only. Please contact us directly for permission to use sounds commercially. Please refer to our terms page for more information.

Sounds cool eh?

I don’t mind blogging about this sort of topic in the future as I know people will benefit a lot from it. I think websites that are more in the tech side need exposure because tech stuff are great stuff. As great as music and art. And let’s face it, tech and art work hand in hand. Without the two then there is no such things as greatness or exposure. What do you think?

There are more sounds that you can download from Mp3Bonez and I am sure you will really enjoy what you discover.

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