Aurelia Aurita by Sumita

Maybe it is too early to say that Sumita could be the musical daughter of Eels and Elastica but there is something about her music that merits comparison.  Her lyrics could be metaphors for our universal alienation and strangeness. If you are into the quirky or the strange then  Aurelia Aurita is for you. This is by a young musical artist by the name of Sumita. She is from Swindon, UK.

I see a promise there as she has already developed her own style  early. I believe that music is all about connection. When you are an artist who writes songs, you could definitely touch someone out there somewhere. Because songs are about universal feelings and people can always find something that speaks for them. A port in a storm perhaps? A shelter from whatever threats the world has to offer out there.a3224540816_2

Aurelia Aurita is beat driven but not in an electronic sense. There is more Jazz and Classical music in her. She knows how to capitalize on her vocals. This proves that to be a good singer, one doesn’t need to have powerful pipes. You just know how to communicate the sentiments behind the melodies and the lyrics. It is all about phrasing and it looks like she is already good at it.

I’d say give this young artist a chance and I know she will grow into an awesome butterfly one day. It is good to hear something perky and beautiful in the morning.


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