Vancouver Gear and Sound Guy Chad Paquet

Vancouver, Canada is diverse as its people and music. No wonder Canadian singer/songwriter works with many styles like Jazz, prog rock and music you would not normally hear on the radio. He has been working on new tunes as a songwriter and also on the board as a music engineer. He is currently producing a local band while concentrating on his covers and original materials.

He believes that all (good)musicians should have access to excellent music software/editing tools  or studios and that the ‘tools’ should not only serve the rich and the powerful, but everyone. There are many talented artists out there but they have not been given the spot-yet. But Paquet is trying to change that. He admitted that keeping band members together can be challenging but when they start have a common goal then everything just glues in.

In his mixing technique, he always ensures that there is a balance between the treble and the bassy parts. Nothing should overpower the other. He also incorporates a warm sound in his recordings while giving emphasis on clean sound production. These are all evident in his covers (Foo Fighter, Tool etc). You will hear them all when he is ready to show them to the world. For now he is maintaining a myspace music page with number of songs that he recorded. Below are pictures of the gadgets he is proud to own.

If you are a musician/band , you can reach him through the following:



Recording vocals with his sister Emily.

Recording vocals with his sister Emily.

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