Aura [Remixes] by MY.COSMO

3 different mixes of MY.COSMO´s 15-minute track AURA.
Nouvelle Electro (Ireland & UK) decided to create Summer Chill Out. Phonophlux (Belgium) decided to create Experimental Electronic. Yoshiyuki Ota (Japan) decided to create Ambient Trance.

I love it when I wake up to something that makes me feel soo good. German electronic artist MY.COSMO released an EP called Aura early this year. Musical peers decided to create their remix versions and the results are captivating.They are all amazing and it is hard to decide which one is my favorite.

The Yoshiyuki Ota Mix sounds like it is something you would would listen to while waiting for a subway train. It also sounds calm and sophisticated. The Nouvelle Electro Mix leans on the ambient/dance style. The sensual breathy vocals of English singer Paula can be heard all over the track. By the way the duo of NE are working on a new album which I suggest you should check upon its release. The Phonolux Mix has a heavier and darker style which reminds me of those great spy movies.

The Aura remixes(like the original) are not meant to give you adrenaline rush. They are meant to enhance that mood of preparing for the day without feeling rushed or stressed. The tracks are fab! They make me feel good. I hope your Friday becomes amazing as to listen to the remixes of Aura. 

Track1 remixed by Ian Henderson (Ireland), vocals by Paula (UK) and Daisy Henderson (Ireland).
Track2 remixed by Geoffrey de Cock aka Phonophlux (Belgium).
Track3 remixed by Yoshiyuki Ota (Japan).

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