Mary Fahl: LIVE AT THE MAUCH CHUNK OPERA HOUSE (Double Album Available Now)

Kindred spirits! This is good news. Mary Fahl is back with a double CD called Live at the Mauch Chunk
Opera House.
And this is just after releasing the much-anticipated Love & Gravity. This is rich. This is like Christmas. What is life without that rich supernatural voice eh?lmcohAlbumCover200

I am yet to receive the album so I will post an official review once I get to listen. Other artists would buckle under the demands imposed by live performance. But not Mary Fahl. It seems like her throat has a natural studio built inside-with reverb and other effects. This is a voice that has been perfected by years and also influence.

So yes, the album is on its way. And you can order your own copy by visiting this link:

The video below  a theme song for the Anne Rice audio book called Wolves of Midwinter. The song is called Exiles.


Here’s the link to my review after listening to the double album:

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