EP Review: Incentive by Jay Penaflor



Jay Penaflor is a 21-year-old musician from Melbourne, Australia. He wrote and co-produced this EP. His style can be described as ‘a mixture of dreamy or melodic acoustic-pop tunes’; at times borrowing elements from C86-era bands as well as dream-pop and jangle-pop styles. Last year he released his debut EP ‘Youth Algorithms’  

Perhaps there are other artists who also emulate this style out there but so far, none has made an impression. Listening to Incentive is like playing those old cassette recordings. There’s that nostalgic feel attained by a kind of sound associated with vinyl and cassette tapes.

There are four songs: Citizen Sane, Fridge Buzz, Background Music and Milk and Honey. This is feel good music. His vocals are recorded in a way that it serves as part of the instruments rather than the center view of the mix…if you know what I mean. Remember bands like The Sundays and The Stone Roses? Those are bands I think of when I listen to this.

I like Milk and Honey. I am a sucker for cute titles.He also incorporated guest vocals:Jennifer Lewis (Track 1) and Niobi Henkel (Track 3). Like I said this is a feel good album. This is something you can play when you wake up in the morning. It is not intrusive. But it isn’t ‘background music’ too. I think given more time and resources, Jay Penaflor will be able to come up with an album with a full band. But this is good as it is. I mean, I enjoyed it sans the drums and bass. Sometimes you just want to listen to a quieter album right?

More from this artist: 


I recommend you check this out and give this fella a good amount of exposure because this is good stuff!

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