Music as a force of inspiration and support.

  Late last year, a devastating storm hit my country. Many perished. I already experienced a great loss before that, and further on after. I was holding on to any emotional support I can get from friends online and offline. It seems there are points in your life when everything seems dark. Even the brightest star becomes faint. And your brain goes into autopilot. People respond differently depending on their personalities. I go mental when I am hit with crises. My feelings get buried and my brain goes ‘this is what you need to do.’ Call it survival mode. But the effects can be devastating after. When the quiet sits it, that is the time when ‘hello darkness my old friend, I come to talk with you again’ phase comes in. I am not really sure if Simon and Garfunkel were singing about the same sentiments because I am more of s sound guy, rather than into the lyrics.

Music has been a source of therapy. It’s been a source of reflection. Have you experienced a point in your life when everything fell round you, but there is still one thing you continue to do despite the odds? For me that’s always been blogging. I am not a musician so I can’t write or play songs. I am not a poet either so I address reality by typing away. And it’s always about music that I find interesting.

Have you experienced a connection to music or someone that goes deep in a soul level that you feel you are never the same without that connection? I have felt that. It is one of the things that money can’t buy. After all if you think about it, thirty or fifty years from now, we might become irrelevant. Some of us will either fall into anonymity or succumb to illness whatsoever- the stuff of living. But there is always that period in our lives that we will look back into and smile. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are. It is about how you made another person feel.

Here is a song that a friend wrote which really reflects that period of my life. I am so glad my story inspired him to write this. And I am forever grateful. His name is Layne Greene and he will be releasing his debut album in the middle of next year. This dude is ace. Watch out for him!

When you fell down in the dark,

And this place was filled with parking lot light.

But we dressed up for the storm,

We kept our heads down and we stayed inside.


But if this world is not your friend tonight,

Don’t disappear


When you laid down in the cold,

And your fingertips were frozen like ice.

You said it’s nothing anymore,

And when it crumbles it still turns out fine.


But if this world is not your friend tonight,

You’ll be alright.

And of everything you know tonight,


When you fell down in the dark,

And this place was filled with quiet all night.

You put your face into the storm,

And when it’s over it’ll be alright. 



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