Alex Pardini ft. Juan Pablo Eduardo Da Silva Montero Guadalajara Fernando De Maria Ruìz Cruz

Wow what a name. Yeah it’s a long name. It really catches your attention huh? The fact is, this is a new single by Alex Pardini  featuring according to him : my brother from another mother. Is it just me or they look identical except for the beard and shades? I don’t know. You be the judge.

This is a nice soulful tune. I admit I can’t resist doing the hand movement. It looks so cool haha. For a year now, Alex Pardini has been entertaining me with sophisticated pop tunes. His style is different from those I usually review and I think this is his selling point.

The song is called “For You And Me” which is a love song for us all I guess. I mean who makes love songs directed to oneself these days huh? All I hear are always the break up or make up stuff directed to the opposite sex. It is really refreshing to listen to something different from that. I hope one day Juan Pablo Eduardo Da Silva Montero Guadalajara Fernando De Maria Ruìz Cruz will take those glasses off and reveal himself!……

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