Sophisticated Pop: Any Last Words by Deliah

What have you guys been up to this week? It’s been kind of hectic but that does not take your’s truly away from music. I wear my headphones at work- just making sure the volume is not too loud so I can still know what’s going on. And music has made me more productive. I hope this next group will set you to that direction. Any Last Words is definitely a ‘ go to work’ kind of song you should play. It is sophisticated, jazzy and smooth. The vocals are feisty but not too overpowering.

So who are they? Here’s the answer from the group:

We are Shell Deliah a contemporary R&B group based in Liverpool. We formed at LIPA (Paul McCartney’s Institute for Performing Arts) and are releasing a new track on 14th September.

More about them:

Shell Deliah is Michelle Harris and Alex Dopierala, a Contemporary R&B act based in Liverpool.

With a new track out in Autumn 2014, and the versatility of doing full band through to acoustic shows, Shell Deliah are taking their energetic, yet sophisticated live set around the UK.

The combination of Michelle’s soulful voice and Dop’s intricate guitar playing, bring a certain class and retro vibe to an undeniable contemporary groove.

There you have it. The description says everything I want to say and I think much better. But I tell you this from experience. The single Any Last Words is catchy you won’t forget the melody.

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