Whodoes – Memories – [ OFFICIAL VIDEO ] – ( New Album – Empirico )

Greek musician Vasilis Chountas is exploring the grander, rhythmic realm with the new album Emperico. As the title suggests, the single signals his departure from the minimalist Dolphins in the Sky. The official single is called Memories (see the video attached to this post). The melancholic tune is embellished by chilled beats and electronic orchestra. This is more ‘pop’ than anything he has composed.

The video is  includes the following credits:

Whodoes Musica is the studio.

Whodoes Musica is the studio.

Editing : Aris Trianatafillou

Graphic Animations : Konstantinos Kefalianos

Special Effects : Taken by INK examples

Extra Help : Giorgos Belsis

I think the ink animation is beautifully executed as it expresses the abstract emotions exemplified by Memories. And in a way this could be a soundtrack about your past and how you try to resolve the demons that plague your mind, or the sense of loss that occupies all of us as we go through life. I guess this feeling is what drives people to hold on to something. In the rush of currents to our river of life. we look for that drifting object to save us. Sometimes, the result is negative but nothing is always certain in life isn’t it?

I don’t have additional details about the new album Empirico but I will surely keep you updated.

About Vasilis Chountas ( aka Whodoes):

Whodoes is musician-composer, with professional experience in music compositions for theatre performances, documentaries and narrative acts. Whodoes has performed numerous solo live acts creating musical adaptations of speech and images and has participated in many concerts and festivals. The term Ambient-Experimental-Looped Guitar is used in order to describe the use of various techniques and gadgets converting the electric guitar into other instruments such as bowed guitar(conversion in to violin ,viola,cello sounds)e-bow,slide guitar,woodsticks(conversion in to traditional santouri sound) all this become from one man solo performance using ambience and beat samples and looping guitar phrases on real time. This is the first album of the artist “Whodoes”-Dolphins In The Sky release by yunrecordz.It contains eleven instrumental pieces of music a mixture of ambient, chill out, ethnic, post rock, electro and sound track music.

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