Album Review: Arcade Messiah.

I have listened to the new album of Arcade Messiah. This is the latest project from Kingbathman frontman John Basset . This is not the first time I listened to his music as I did a previous review of his solo album. The album is 100 % instrumental so there is no distraction of lyrics I do like the way it is. I am not a lyrics guy but I find that great lyrics can be a source if distractions while you dissect a beautiful guitar rift or the clever arrangement of a song. Arcade Messiah Album Cover

Arcade Messiah has seven tracks lasting a total of 42 minutes and 22 seconds. The y range from fast power metal to slow soundtrack types. Sun Exile sounds like a perfect track for computer war games. Your Best Line of Defence is Obscurity has is a good track to wake up to over coffee or tea while you start to gather your things as you  go to work. I find myself not into fast tunes so much when I wake up as my brain needs to process things slowly.

The mood continues with Traumascope and Aftermath. But aftermath has this interesting ‘suspense’ feel that I associate with Sci Fi TV series. I imagine spaceships landing over deserts and forests. The pace picks up with Everybody Eating Everyone Else and slows down a bit with The Most Popular Form of Escape.  The album ends with Roman Resolution which is haunting and beautiful. I am always fascinated by songs that make it to the last track of every album as they either show an artist next project or the total of what the album is all about.

For those who love electric guitar music or instrumental rock in general then this is something you will place on your top 5 albums of the year. It is well crafted, well conceived and meticulously produced. I don’t think there is anything in the genre that sounds quite like it!


Hunger is Stronger than Fear – D.B. Rouse

I urge you to this artist I recently discovered. His name is Ben Rouse. He has a new single out called Hunger is Stronger than Fear. Now, if you love Irish folk and Bluegrass music then this will appeal to you. It is the fifth track from the album Flophouse in the Sky. I have yet to listen to the full album so watch out for my review. In the meantime this is a great teaser. What a great song to wake up to on a Saturday morning. Yes no work today so I just want to listen to music all day!


MARY FAHL Exiles The Wolves of Midwinter 2014 ANNE RICE Ball New Orleans

My big appreciation to Enigma Arts for posting this video of Mary Fahl singing in Anne Rice’s Lestat Ball held in New Orleans.

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