Parts of Me – Madison Park & Beechkraft OFFICIAL Video

i mentioned a couple of days ago that Madison Park and Beechkraft are releasing a new single called Parts of Me. This time the video is available for your viewing pleasure. I like the direction of the video as it reflects the tranquility of the music. Madison Park brings class and artistic grandeur to pop music. I admit I am not the type who listens to mainstream music but this song is both mainstream and alternative. If you are a fan of trip hop groups like Mono, Portishead, St Etienne and The Pet Shop Boys then this is something for you.

I admire beautiful voices and this artist certainly has it. She should work with soundtrack producers and get her voice up there in the silver screens. But who knows? We get a taste of that one day. cover326x326
The video sees Madison Park stepping into a train in black jacket and blue jeans. She’s also wearing a cap over her blond hair. Then there are flashes of her in a stylish dress and boots walking on a field of white daisies. That bandana looks cool. We also see her in a black dress walking in the woods. Electronic music has always been identified with urban scenes in music videos. Or sometimes they can have a Science fiction quality. I am glad this one has scenes of nature which is really refreshing. That scene where she contemplates at the lake is very Zen.
If this is going to be the musical direction of the 2015 album then it is something to be excited about. I miss chill-out pop. I miss beautiful singing. I miss atmosphere and music videos without men or women getting naked and singing songs that have nothing to do with the music video. Madison Park really deserves much respect and praise for Parts of Me.
I learned that a new album is due early 2015. The single is now available for download  here:… or here:… as well as a number of digital download stores. Also listen on Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and more.

Official Website:

Special thanks to Cool New Media, Katrina Weeks, Michael Weeks, Todd Klingenberg and a gang of sizeable mosquitoes for the production of this video.

Because out theme is chillout pop, let me introduce other artists who are also in the category. The first one is a Greek musician and this is his new single. Details below:
Artist : Whodoes –
Song : Memories
Album :Empirico
Editing : Aris Trianatafillou
Graphic Animations : Konstantinos Kefalianos
Special Effects : Taken by INK examples
Extra Help : Giorgos Belsis
Next, is a UK artist Paula. Details follow:
2014 Mix of my vox collaboration Dreams (Midsummer Night)
Music and spoken vox : Loic Rathscheck
Lead vox and melody : Paula
Lyrics : William Shakespeare
(Puck : A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Artwork : Arthur Rackham
© Copyright 2014Lyrics : No more yielding, but a dream, You have but slumber’d here.

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