Radiolab- Dreamless

Beautiful soundtrack for those lonely nights…

Radiolab: Here’s a treat to the fans of ‘not radio’ or anti pop. Dreamless by Radiolab has been released!Comprising of 12 tracks, this indie duo of Dane Di Piero and Meghan Redding continue to challenge the notion of intelligent
alternative music. I think they really push the boundaries with their experimentation and use of odd scales. I can’t resist the temptation of turning the volume up when I listen to Dreamless and watch out for heads turning.
With the ear-catching quirky sounds of Who You Are, Distances and Predictions you’d think you are listening to a band from the 80s. Not until halfway you realize the sound effects are too hi-tech for the era and the concept, too futuristic. Everything about Dreamless defies categorization. It is an album that says’ I am somewhat like that, but not really.”
It is hard to explain but you have to listen to the entire album to know why this is so. Calming, unsettling and generally cinematic, Radiolab have expanded their repertoire to include chill-out beats, lounge as well as Cocteau Twins style of singing. This is heard predominantly in the seventh track Post-modern Blues. And I think it is one of their stand out songs in Dreamless. The instrumental parts are extended with layers of sounds. Intricate and sophisticated.
There are many guest vocalists in Dreamless. You hear male and female vocals alternately. But I think with music such as this, the lyrical content becomes secondary, as the various sounds became the focus of attention. I realize that the album gains depth as I listen again and again. It makes me ponder as to why this or that arrangement sound s this way. The judgement behind the melodies and instruments and also the singing styles.
But it is not for me to decide where you should look for the juicy bits. You have to make the journey yourself, and also don’t forget to say hello to the artists behind Radiolab.
For those losing sleep, this is your remedy. And expect to be mesmerized.


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