Imagur by DiM13NSiON: Beautiful Sound


Ten minutes to Imagur by DiM13NSiON makes you realise that this album is created by people with deep understanding of new music. Most of the tracks are inspired by insdutrial sounds and effects good for movies. It is great hearing  the 5-string violin of Thomas McGregor while combining that sound to Cédric They’s U8 Touch guitar. If you are not familiar with these types of guitars then I want you to visit this site.

There are tracks that are hypnotically repetitive like Birth of Shape which, for most part reminds me of Wim Mertens and Philip Glass. Although I am not really well-versed in minimalist music, this can be a good introduction to the genre. But other than that, the eclecticism of the album lends its beauty to many influences. If you a fan of film music then there is something here for you. Of course the closest reference would be those written by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

There are short and long tracks. The longest is Flight Over Ruins clocking at 9:23. The tunes make you forget that this album is only made by two people, as they maximise their instruments’ capacity and adding appropriate effects. I probably played this album several times in one day while taking my computer out in the garden and using good headphones. DiM13NSiON really take you to the next level of audio experience and I wish to hear more from these artists.

Listen to the tracks by clicking this link:

– Cédric Theys: 8-string U8 touch guitar& effects
– Thomas McGregor: 5-string violin
& effects

– All songs improvised by DiM13NSiON
– Edited, mixed & produced by
Cédric Theys
– Mastered by Adrian Benavides

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