Carisa Bianca Mellado Releases New Album “Kore” On Magic Monster Record

Once in a while an artist with a unique voice arrives in the scene. Suddenly, music is exciting once again! Where have all these great artists gone? I used to asked this question to my self as the 90s came to a close. They no longer make music like Cocteau Twins, or The Sundays. It’s all about ” the louder the better.”image

Then enters Carisa Bianca Mellado. She possesses an ethereal voice and her melodies proved to be utterly beautiful. Her single is Human Things. This is taken from her album Kore. The single has an accompanying music video which is freaking awesome! If you’re a child of the 80s then you will be hooked to her style as she provides a sonic world that is expensive and artfully textured!

Here’s an excerpt from her press release:
Carisa Bianca Mellado’s latest record, Kore, follows the story of a Sirian Dolphin Princess who goes through the underworld journey of being born on Earth as a human girl. The album title, which means ‘girl’ or ‘maiden’ is also another name for the Greek Goddess Persephone and the album explores themes of birth, sex, death, desire, intoxication, the shadow self, love, rebirth and surrender through the mythic stories of Persephone, Inanna, Psyche and the cosmic creation myth of Eros.

Set to music that marries diverse influences, such as Cocteau Twins and Cyndi Lauper, Kore is at once catchy and challenging, presenting an atmosphere unique to the record yet instantly definable: a dreamy shoegaze pink goth pop space opera that seamlessly transcends into sultry swaying death jazz.

Carisa Bianca Mellado is an experimental singer, performer and composer of her own brand of shoegaze, post-punk, dream pop, black opera music. The descendent of legendary opera singers Antonio Tambourini, Giulia Tambourini, she began singing at the age of 3.
Originally from Melbourne, Australia, now based in Los Angeles, California, Carisa Bianca Mellado began performing at a very early age and began composing songs at the age of 12. She got her start singing and playing bass in a variety of punk and post-punk projects, most notably The Time of the Assassins who released the sprawling darkness of the Steve Albini-recorded Awake in Slumberland prior to disbanding in 2008.
Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Carisa collaborated with a wide range of musicians including members of The Centimeters, The Deadfly Ensemble, and Loto Ball, as well as focusing on recording and releasing her albums

and performing with her band, Seth Styles on guitar and Elle Haert on synth and backing vocals.



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