Redsulfur by Rakans


Once in a while I like being shocked. I love provocative themes. I feel uncomfortable when I have stayed in the same environment for so long because it means I am getting stagnant. Redsulfur by  Rakans is an example of a an idea that creates an impact. Perhaps it is challenging in a visual level that draws me in. Or it is the music that sounds provocative and so totally different from what I am used to that tickles my fancy. Whatever it is, something is happening when I listen to the music and the music video.

Rakans is a solo artist. His musical style is a fusion of experimental pop and electronica. With a background in fashion and design, it is not surprise that his visuals are intense.

How about you? Do you like being challenged creatively? Do you hate it when you follow the pattern of the same beat?

You can see the lyric video here:

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