Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer-Songwriter Johnny Gwynn

Johnny Gwynn Guitar/Vocals/Piano

It is past two in the morning. My back hurts. I am exploring the website of this young singer-songwriter by the name of Johnny Gwynn. His last name is striking. It sounds Welsh. He is from Nashville(originally from Boston), the home of great American music.  So I cranked up the volume of Midnight Oil with my Apple in-ear headphones. The energy blew me away. I wanted to jump up and down if not for my back pain. Gwynn has a good vocal range and a guitar wizardry that’s warm and entertaining. There are several songs in his website. Midnight Oil , Calixta, Let Your Love Take Off My Edge and Barcelona(there are more). The latter is a funky guitar driven song that describes his relationship with a ‘mischievous Spanish girl.”

It looks like he is still in the process of developing his website. Hopefully his Bio gets updated or else he will remain mysterious. He has performed in front of the audience based on the ‘bio pics.’

Some of these songs are also available in his bandcamp album called A​-​Sides​-​EP released in 2010.

More from his links:

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