Chosen Picks of the Day (6 Tracks)

Yes I said day because I am not sure if I will be posting tomorrow, the day after or next week. All I know is that blogging need momentum to happen. I was stuck going to the gym for weeks and that took most of my passion. But after two days of resting I finally picked up my Macbook Air and started typing and here I am. Isn’t it great to be back? And also this time I feel easy. I don’t need to say something clever or wise. I am sounding like myself when I talk in real life. I can b;ab for hours if the conversation is interesting. Like when it is about music, art or other non mainstream issues.

So what do we have here? These are tunes I got from my SoundCloud stream. I like to lurk and listen to tracks published by friends or people I haven’t chatted with. But if they sound fascinating then I listen to them and then recommend them. It is great to be able to have a mix of different genres from hiphop to acoustic. Music is music in whatever form.

Don Beekeeper- I’ll Be Your Mirror( Velvet Underground Cover)

Don Beekeeper is a singer/songwriter/poet and photographer from Canada. He has a huge body of work from each one. He has released several albums. These days he is concentrating on raising his kid.This is a simple tribute to one of my favorite bands. Enjoy! And oh give him a shoutout via Soundcloud if you like this song.

Samrix- The One I lost Today

This is a read to lovers of #EDM. I love the instant appeal of this song. His voice is awesome. I love the production and the overall style of the song. It has a very stylish artwork. I get the feeling he is going to be HUGE one day. Listen and judge for yourself 😉

Alex Pardini-I Feel Grey

This European artist has produced excellent body of works in a few years. He owns a label and creates music the indie way. He is also an excellent singer. I love his production techniques. His songs are slick and they have a natural elegance in them. Just like himself.

Anosphere/Paula- In A World of Love

Paula has that unmistakable vocal sound. I know right away it’s her even with my eyes close 😉 I love the electronic music of Anosphere. It’s slick, smooth and has that chill out vibe. Yes after a long day of work this is the perfect tune you need to listen to.

Altocirrus-Project Panorama – 2-2

This is a group composed of members from Ireland and New Zealand. They are seasoned musicians. They have great songs and I urge you to check out their other albums. All available through BandCamp and other outlets. I love how this tracks starts gradually, then builds up into an amazing cornucopia of instruments and harmonies.

Play-Jay- Of Time

If you don’t know yet, Play-Jay’s real name is Paul Jarvis. He’s the son of Clannad’s lead vocalist and harpist Moya Brennan, the sister of Enya. There, just to let you know how fantastic his gene pool is. This is his solo work. Looking forward to his full – length album in a not so distant future. His music is chill out and atmospheric. I love the simplicity and elegance of it. This is a mature sound from someone who has worked with music since his early teens.

I hope you enjoy this brief review of new songs. And please give me the mojo to continue blogging!

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