Captiva is the Breakfast Club of Music


Check out Captiva! Have you seen that John Hudges movie called The Breakfast Club? This sums up the band’s formation. I am not going to write in detail about it but the experience involved: Detention, discovery and friendship. The music reflects that energy. I feel and remember  my own coming of age when I listen to each song from their self-titled debut EP. Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10_Fotor

I love the ‘new wave’ appeal of Road to Ruin. Other notable tracks are Stimulating Freeze(wow the guitars are heavenly), Chemicals(the groove is intoxicating)and Sometimes( a ballad that evokes the sweetness of Reggae and 70s funk).

The band is comprised of JJ Ries (vocals, guitar), Pat McQuaid (guitar, vocals), Nick Riffle (bass), and Hank Wiedel (drums).They formed around 2013 and for a young band, they sound mature and confident. They also derive influences from various genre and musical era. Consequence of Sound already reviewed them:

The record itself is much more breezy and summery than their Midwestern ties may imply. Instead, each song channels the tranquility and ease of the Floridian island from which they take their name. Tracks like “Stimulating Freeze” evoke images of aimless days with tropical undertones. Even when they up the intensity on “Chemicals”, the sweet melodies and harmonies add a sense of cool comfort. Unlike a detention sentence, the EP is stressless and something listeners will actually want to revisit again and again.

I see a lot in store for fans of Captiva. With their beautiful, textured and breezy sound, I am sure they will attract more listeners from many genres and form a solid fanbase. I look forward to the band developing their kind of sound releasing beautiful albums!

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