Depressed? Listen to the Voice of Lauren Ní Chasaide

I first heard of her amazing voice through the social media posts of another Irish singer-songwriter Aisling Jarvis (who is by the way the daughter of Moya Brennan for those who are unaware). Ní Bheidh Tú Riamh Leat Féin is her first public track posted via Sound Cloud. It is in Irish Gaelic which is really addicting to listen to.

I think this is an indication that an album or EP is on the way. I love the studio quality of the song. It has that clarity and lightness that is not commonly found on new recordings by young artists. 12108942_1472089193097944_8904662878831024284_n

In this track, she uses her voice as an instrument on top of her main vocal. I notice a quiver, an ache and a vulnerability which are traits that make her remarkable. We live in a generation where there are amazing young Irish singer-songwriters continuing the tradition of Sinead O’Connor, The Cranberries, Luka Bloom and other fantastic artists that put Ireland into the global music map. How lucky we are!

She also performs pop/indie covers in her youtube channel. I think she is an exciting new Irish talent to watch out for. Only time will tell what genre she will be embracing as she evolves and establishes her fanbase, but it is always exciting to witness an artist gradually blooming like a rosebud to charm our senses! So if you are depressed, this tune will make you happy.

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