Paper Lights!

Paper Lights are probably one of the best indie bands of this decade. They have a great sound. The first time I heard their tracks I compare it to watching a beautiful sunset as stars start to appear one by one. Really atmospheric and dazzling! The beauty of their every song leaves you breathless. I have not heard that kind of thing in other bands except Coldplay, perhaps. Songs like Always In My(2014) Head and Caverns(2015) are memorable. There are alternate vocals of male and female and this kind of arrangement adds to the expressive power and diversity of their every release.

They’ve just posted their pledge campaign this week called Great Escapes, via YouTube, and I think that is something that indie music lovers should check out. I’ve been listening to their music for weeks but I decided to forgo writing an entry to let their art soak up in my head. And think their sound is at home anywhere. I bring their music when I go to the gym or when I go on a picnic with friends. I think it’s also due to the beautiful rendering of the keys and the beats. They this huge sound when it comes to bass and percussion. That is my kind of style.

I would describe their lyrics as introspective with bouts of melancholy and strong emotions. Although I am not really a lyrics guy so they can sing about anything and  the music would still grab me.

2 thoughts on “Paper Lights!

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