‘Analog Love EP’ By Alex Pardini Is Groovy with a David Bowie-like Vocals

The vocals are by Swiss singer-songwriter Alex Pardini but I can’t help noticing its likeness to David Bowie. Check it out and I am sure you will agree. Analog Love is a new release by independent label Theatre Magique Records founded by Pardini himself. Has has several releases under the label either as a solo artist or with collaboration from other artists in the genre of electronica. Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.36.42 PM

According to the artist:

“Analog Love” is electronica with a lot of soul in a downtempo fashion. Let it get into your mind and heart, listen to it till the end and you will definitely feel – Analog Love.

“I Need You” is another downtempo gem on Theatre Magique Records. A broken beat that ends up in a 4 to the floor beat, garnished with a little soul and funk.


Alex Pardini has released recordings with music that’s laidback with deceptive simplicity. His songs are not the in-your-face kind of pop that demands attention. But if you are keen on listening. And if you are into good music, you will notice that his sound is synonymous with  good quality. Think of Groove Armada and St Etienne.

Such is the kind of thing I found in the Analog Love EP. In a way this has a nostalgic appeal as it pays homage to electronic music of past decades..you know, the modular synths of you remember them. The downtempo beats remind me of walking in a less hectic city in a sunny afternoon during the 80s. You check it out as it is really worth listening to. It might probably introduce you to his other recordings which I am sure you will enjoy if you liek this style of music.


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