The Deets:Interview with Patrick Sheehy of Walking on Cars

With Everything this Way by Walking on Cars getting its positive reviews from various music critics, the telescope is on lead vocalist Patrick Sheehy to shed light to the charisma of the band and how they created their auspicious debut.
My friend Anita Daly hooked me up with Sheehy in order for indie music lovers like us to know how amazing music and songs are made by this Irish band. Walking on Cars emerged from Dingle  in the South West of Ireland. It is a beautiful windswept place as you can see in the videos.
With their much anticipated US tour coming, here are the deets:
1. Your new music video Speeding Cars is out. Can you tell me about the making of this video and the song behind this one?
We filmed the video at home in Dingle. Speeding Cars is such a powerful song and we wanted the video to portray that. The video has some traditional Irish elements, the boat, the drumming procession and the Ogham writing. It took us a whole week to film the video and all our friends and family helped out as extras so it was amazing to see it all coming to life.
2. Your US tour kick off this May and this is your first outside of the UK right? Anything you expect in a huge scale for this event? 
We’ve played a few shows around Europe but coming to the U.S. is a huge deal for us. We’re going to do what we always do and have fun with it and hope that people like us! 
3. Everything this Way is one of the hottest albums in the UK this year. Do you think it’s luck or hard work? 
There’s a bit of luck but it’s mostly hard work. We have an amazing team behind us that are working tirelessly to get the album out there. This album is a mixture of songs from four years ago to now so it’s a culmination of a lot of hard work, rehearsing, touring and writing.
4. Can you say that all songs in Everything this Way are biographical in nature? 
I think they are mostly biographical but in a metaphorical way. Our music is an expression of our emotions and experiences.
5. Two Stones is special to me because it’s my introduction to the band’s music. Plus the compelling music video. What’s the story behind this song?
Two Stones is a song about being in a relationship with someone and being in a fairly serious relationship with alcohol at the same time and the trials and tribulations that come with that.
6. What’s next after your US tour?
We’re playing quite a few festivals around Europe this summer so it will be a fun few months ahead!
7. I heard you’re friends with HamsandwicH. Any chance that you will record a song together?
You never know, it might happen along the wY! Hamsandwich are an awesome band and we’ve played with them quite a few times, they always put on a great show!
8. Your message to your listeners?
Thanks to everyone for all their support and messages! We can’t wait to finally play a few shows on the U.S. and we promise to put on a good show!

Walking on Cars are:

Patrick Sheehy, Sorcha Durham, Paul Flannery, Evan Hadnett, Dan Devane

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