Council: Three Brothers and a Golden Alternative Rock Sound.


Council: Good music entraps you right away needing no ounce of thought or effort in the process. 

Stunning is not enough to describe this band. They have this huge sound. Part wall of sound, part early U2. I am talking about NY -based band Council. They are three brothers. Now it says in their bio that they are hoping to trade the life of farming for success in their true passion which is music. Well, I think farming is cool. Guys who have this love for the earth and her natural gifts are ace in my book! Maybe they can sort of make a balance between farming and music eh?

They recently released an EP titled Rust to Gold. And this is not an ordinary record. I am talking about getting help from the stalwarts of music. They worked with Grammy nominated producer Justin Gray (Mariah Carey, John Legend), 10 time Grammy nominated mixer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers) and Mastering legend Howie Weinberg (U2, Nirvana).

Rust to Gold is comprised of five songs:

Rust to Gold-The first verse already snaps you with its anthemic style- complete with vocal harmonies, lush instrumental arrangement and powerful beats. It is hard to it get off my head and I found myself humming the chorus again and again.

The Wold is on Fire-Lively tune with that distinctive synth line that reminds me of Muse. Patrick Reeves has a voice that is both powerful and beautiful.

All for You-This is arena rock kind of ballad that is evocative and artfully crafted.

Rise Above it All-A song with a positive message. This song cements the kind of vision they have as a band. And this is a wonderful vision. And the superb lyrical skills of this song can’t be denied.

You Will Always Be(In My Heart) -A perfect song to close this EP due to the grand arrangement-big on vocals, instruments and drums.

Rust to Gold can be interpreted in many ways by fans. But to me, the title is about hope. And this is not just because of the lyrics. The overall sound of the band has this driving positive force and that’s what makes listening to the songs a great experience. I am sure many listeners will enjoy Rust to Gold. I love it. I don’t have to think about it because I just feel it. But of course I still have to write a blog entry so I am expounding on that feeling!

Quick tour to their Facebook page revealed the following:

Patrick Reeves (vocals/bass)
Andy Reeves (guitar)
Doug Reeves (drums)

Their influences are: The Who, U2, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Metallica.




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