Introducing Bike Music:High Highs


I will be starting a new feature called Bike Music. The reason? I have recently developed a love for cycling and whenever I ride I bring my music with me. Of course you can expect something upbeat but there are also rare cases when I will feature albums that are slow-meant for just relaxed riding.

I’ve been hunting for new music recently. I love indie pop and there are sites on the web that point me to the right direction. One of them is New Releases Now.

This is where I discovered High Highs. They are a duo formed by Jack Milas and Oli Chang in 2010. I describe their music as upbeat ethereal pop. There are lots of high chiming sounds that remind you of pixie dust and elves. Their melodies are gorgeous and sweet. They just released Cascades this year and it is really a musical experience that you should have. I found myself smiling when I listen to every track in the album. It’s like picking up an old album in which the tunes are kind of familiar yet they could be existing in an alternate universe because these tunes are something you’ve just heard.

Why I love them: Majority of the songs are upbeat and good for riding. The whole atmosphere of Cascades is stress-free which is good for late afternoon rides.

Recommended for: People who love pop music and those who just want to chill to upbeat songs.

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