November Comfort: Mr Little Jeans,Travis Lee and More!

I guess with all the chaos, music is the great comforter, if not the catalyst. Well I think songs used to be powerful they actually aid in changing the world. I think we need songs now more than ever. Whatever happened to conscience? To humanity? We aim to move forward, not fifty years back. Perhaps now is the time put so much thought in the things we put out there. Not just to benefit us but it should be about serving humanity in general.


Mr Little Jeans Announces Tour!


C’mon! You know her. You’ve heard her so many times including that cool TV show called iZombie! It is great to know she is back with new music plus a tour around the United States. Watch this link closely:


Travis Lee: Further

Thanks to Instagram I found another amazing artist. His name is Travis Lee and he’s from Wisconsin. His sound leans closer to classic rock. All songs in Further are  written, recorded, and produced by Travis Lee. Released last released August 1, 2016, it was recorded in various house around Eau Claire, WI.

There are nine songs in the album. He’s got that cool singing style which is a combination of Chris Barron(Spin Doctors) and Lenny Kravitz. Well, sort of.Lee proves that is an excellent guitar master as well. After purchasing this album, do follow his Instagram account

My personal fave track in Further is A Little More, A Little Less. It makes me smile. It has that breezy, sunny afternoon drive feel to it. Watch out for this guy. He definitely has a unique sound!


The Phloozies : The Jokes on You

.Watch out for this band. They’re from Cornwall.
Winners of The Battle of The Bands in Falmouth Cornwall 2016
Lee Aston: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Natalie: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Tyler: Drums
Aidan: Bass Guitar

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