November Indie Circus and More.

How are you folks?  The truth is, I posted the entries below ahead of this intro. I didn’t know what to write about, but I figured that I need to represent artists who make my world exciting. Some of them are new, others I met a few years back, some I talk to ocassionally, some are so busy with their lives(and music) and I am happy for them.

Thursday is payday and I am so exciting to see if I can get a new bicycle. This time I want a fat bike. Fat bikes are amazing because you can just take them everywhere. And I am planning to get myself a new bluetooth speaker so I can jam while pedaling. It is really awesome to have music wherever you go.

Anyway, I hope your middle of the week is amazing. Not as boring as mine. Ok signing off for now…

Now  for something not really related to music…

If you are a Horror fan and you want to support podcasts related to it, then check out Emerald Gore Society. They have their regular Gorecast where members review movies and other stuff. It is fun. Do check it out.



Canadian singer-songwriter Layne Greene is really getting good gigs around Nova Scotia. If you are around, do drop by and say ‘Hi’ to him after the show!


The Commune

113 Archimedes St, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B2H 2T3



Alex Pardini 


To be released!


Alex Pardini ‘SOUL THIEF’

FORMLOS Records 002 / Promo
Official Release Date: November 25, 2016

And I’m coming for you, and you and you too!
And I’ll steal your soul
And I’m gonna transform it and rearrange it and re-create it
And I’m gonna put some magic into it
Some vibratory thing!
And the vibe will make you feel good
Will make you shake your hips
I’m gonna make you feel good inside
deep down inside
And if you jack to this groove, to my groove
You jack to your own groove
Because your soul and mine
Just became one
From disco to disco
From soul to soul
From you to me


Luke Murphy


Put this guy on your radar!

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