Alex Pardini ‘MOOD SWINGs’ – Album


Ambient / Chill-Out / Cinematic / Twin Peaks

This is not mainly a political post. But I have to be honest. I took a long break from social media around November. After Trump’s win I could no longer take the toxicity. You blasted sheeps! So I took a hiatus and I think I am getting used to not having Facebook anymore. Life has become less complicated that way. As for the music, sorry to be so late. I don’t know, I just sort of lost the motivation of writing when I don’t feel it. And I think it is a good change. Look at this. I am actually saying things I could not say before because I  believed that art and politics should not mix. But I was wrong. Whatever is happening out there affects us all. But enough of that.

Theatre Magique Records sent me a promo of his latest music. It’s called MOOD SWINGs-take note of the caps and the small ‘s.’  I say ‘his’ because the label is run and owned by one guy. His name is Alex Pardini. He’s from Switzerland and I have written about him in the past, I don’t know if you remember. But yeah his stuff is cool I am always happy to post whatever he is up to. I am so impressed with his recording studio which he built from scratch. I posted something about it. I just don’t remember where…

According to him:

When the days get shorter and the nights seem to last forever – my mood starts to swing.

My tender soul is shaken up by this sad, mad world, but there is always a lovely heart somewhere in the dark, bringing order into the chaotic fiction of my playful mind.

Release date Bandcamp: February 27, 2017 

He sent this late last month. I am just glad I’m not late! I’ve been wanting to do a voice interview with him but he is just shy. But I won’t stop trying! I’ve been getting late on a lot of things lately.

Did I mention I am getting addicted to cycling? Yes, I have been riding since April last year and I bring my music with me. I mean, I blast it using my bluetooth spear on the road with a big smile on my face. Have you tried it? It’s really fun. It is one way of bringing music to the masses while getting the health benefits of riding a bike. I started with a mountain bike then switched to road bikes. Now I am riding fixed gear. I haven’t fallen yet- thank goodness!

Yes it is a sad mad world and as what the description says above, it can lead to mood swings. I don’t know about you but I’ve been dealing with mood swings all my life. Life is pain. But pain can be dealt with-by music and cycling!

I guess I am not the best blogger out there. I stopped paying attention to grammatical rules a long time ago. But I always look for spelling errors!

Listen to the sampler below:



Pre-order now.

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