2017 New Music!


Trance galore.

2017 is a good year for electronic music. I love being introduced to new and unfamiliar artists and I would love writing all about them when I have the time and energy. Samplers are one of the great ways of introducing new music. You sort of know what to expect by tasting one track from a specific musician. For example I’ve never heard of STA before this compilation. But STA is an Ukrainian producer. There’s not much info on the web but ‘Orbit’ is a good intro to his music.

I am sure many people who are Trance enthusiasts know the artists in this compilation but like I said I am still discovering artists in this genre. It’s a good album!

By the way tunes from this album are good for the usual bike ride in the evening. They are energetic but chill at the same time. Have you tried listening to them in such situation? Oh, and I don’t recommend headphones. They are dangerous while cycling. Just use your tiny bluetooth speakers 😉



George Cables-In Good Company.

Fans of piano jazz will find delight in his new offering In Good Company. He covers John Hicks, Kenny Barron, Ellington and Strayhorn. He is joined by bassist Essiet Essiet and drummer Victor Lewis. Less is indeed more. You will find a lot of surprises in this intimate ensemble.

Cables has rekindled my love for all things jazz. Hey you might read more reviews like this one from me soon. Who knows?

This is good music for the good times. Listen to the sampler here: http://www.allmusic.com/album/in-good-company-mw0002845576


Kirk Fischer-Friends

Friends will please fans of contemporary jazz. This type of music can be heard on smooth jazz radio because of its pop appeal. Fischer covers both jazz and pop tunes. In fact one of them is Kiss On My List by Hall & Oats. It is a great music to listen to over dinner with great wine and the company of good friends. Who can resist such elegant recording like this one?



There you have it. Few of my take on new recordings. Stay tuned for more…

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