MAYU, Making Music from the Idealized World of Sounds and Dreams.

Imagine a world where clouds do touch the ground, where roads stretch to nowhere and that you can fly and touch the tallest mountain peaks. Or how about a parallel universe  where Trump is not the current president of the US and there’s no threat to health care? No homophobia, mysoginy, creationism  etc? Wouldn’t you like that? Even the late and great John Lennon agreed that we can always imagine!

I love how music takes us to many wonderful places. Even when they can only exist in the mind. For me it is a bubble where we can find comfort  when we want to punder on the intense moments in our lives. It can also be a source of inspiration or an energy juice  as we head to work.

As a longtime fan of Ambient and New Age music, MAYU is a beautiful addition to ‘music on the quieter end of the spectrum.‘ The same place inhabited by  dreamy bands like Cocteau Twins, Souls Whirling Somewhere etc.The clever multi-swathed guitar, synths and pulsing rhythms seem to wrap themselves around the dreamy vocals rich in reverb. Oh yes reverb rocks! With some digging I found that there are two people involved in this project.

From their Soundcloud page :

MAYU is a Spanish and English dream pop project from places unknown. ‘Quiero Despertar’ is their first single and it will be available on the “Rock Back for Haiti” disaster recovery compilation available on Patetico Recordings in late November.
MAYU is:
Ulises- Vocals, Programming, Guitars, Synths
Gardy- Guitars, Synths

Lyrics by Ulises
Todo tiene su lugar
en las estrellas escrito el final
El fuego de los dioses quiero robar

Las paredes quiero derrumbar
La inquietud voy ha desagollar
La decadencia voy ha celebrar
El fuego de los dioses quiero robar

Quiero despertar… Sueno sin final

They sound really promising, so watch out for their future releases! So what’s your favorite quiet/dreamy music? Got bands to recommend? Let me know in the comments section.


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