Shiny Silvery Things by Cormac O Caoimh:A rich and rewarding brew


This fascinating singer -songwriter and classically trained guitarist from Cork continues to enchant listeners with his third album.

Any Cormac O Caoimh (his last name is pronounced as O Queeve) song signifies chill time. His tunes remind me of summer because of its exuberance and easiness. And that vocal smoothness is my cappuccino. This Irish singer-songwriter has created his own niche in the Irish music scene setting him apart from other styles. His bossa inspired folk pop songs are worth savouring even if you are not digging its lyrical contents.

But I digress, I am not really a lyrics guy as I have admitted in my previous posts. I am always stimulated by sounds that are unique. The lyrics come later. Although good tunes always call for good lyrics wouldn’t you agree? And O Caoimh’s songs always strike me as melancholic. Kinda. Maybe because some of them relate to my personal experiences. For instance ‘second hand clothes’is nostalgic. He uses words like old shoes, phonograph players etc. to convey that longing for childhood again. There are many songs of this type in ‘shiny silvery things.‘ Take note that all the titles in the album are in small caps.

Yes most of the songs have that coffee shop vibe, there are tracks that sort of cross over to the alternative rock category like ‘proud.’ He jumps to classic rock vibe with ‘in the hollow of an old oak.’ The title track is the most playful tune in the album with its retro vibe. A silver lining? Perhaps!

All in all ‘shiny silvery things’ gives me a satisfying listening experience with its various styles and beautiful production. If you have just discovered his music then you better check out his previous albums like The Moon Loses its Memory and A New Season For  Love!

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