New album in PledgeMusic from Gothic Rockers Imbolg


This will be our second album featuring styles of Goth, Punk, Death Rock and Synth-Imbolg.

Gothic rock is alive and well. Though the genre went underground several years ago, their’s a renaissance lately. Thanks to millennials who want to try cool bands before any of you heard them, I think it is ok to say that this decade is a healthy time for Gothic rock.

Nate Dal Cais started Imbolg 10 years ago. Apart from the robust and alluring music, they’re also posting up a Pledge Music link for fans to help support their upcoming project. According to Dal Cais:

We are taking preorders for our new album and offering some limited time perks, plus some of the money goes to charity. I may have asked you before, but we just made lots of updates.

They’re proving to me day to day that it is OK to have a dark heart but still show a little kindness inside. Well, in fact most of the cool people I know are gothic rockers and they’re really amazing. which is why I really support the genre.

They also got awesome followers who can say great things about them:

“Truly tantalizing”-Mick Mercer
“Once you have heard them, the only thing left to wonder is why you haven’t before”- Jessika Hulse, Gothic Beauty Magazine

Check out the Pledge Music link under this post, but let me share this little bio I got from their site:

NYC based band has been performing in the Northeast region for close to a decade noted for their ritualistic stage show and undying spirit that helps all in attendance capture the true meaning of the Pagan Holiday the band was named after. This particular album has an eclectic feel to it, where as some some songs are slow, others are fast, some are heavier and some are lighter, and a few songs are instrumental pieces like “Echoes on Water” and “Tragedy in the Key of A major”. All however state powerful messages whether it is based off a traditional story such as in the case of the song: “Tieg O’Kane & the Corpse”, or the song played early on in the album about the simple feelings of disdain for being alive called: “Duisigh(awaken)” . All these songs are ensured to bring out emotions that one and all can truly relate to. Except in the Case of the song called : “Thy Dark Gift”, unless of course you have just become a Vampire

Their live shows are really like nothing else you’ve seen before.Do check them out when you are on the East coast.


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