The Beloved Sacred Art and Music Festival has announced its 2017 music lineup


I am always pleased when I receive invites or anything related to music in my mailbox. I got one from Ben Michaels, publicist for

The Beloved Sacred Art and Music Festival has announced its 2017 music lineup, and some of the world’s most talented female musicians will share the stage in equal time with their male counterparts.

Founder Elliot Rasenick books consciously to create a gendered balance, setting Beloved apart from other music festivals, where women are remarkably underrepresented.

Highlights this year include Malian superstars Amadou & Mariam, the hip Yemeni harmonies of A-Wa, reggae legends The Abyssinians, Tuvan throatsinging legends Huun-Huur-Tu, and underground favorites like House of Waters. Latin-inspired dance music pioneersNickodemus and Captain Planet will pack the dancefloor, after a daylong exploration of world traditions with classical masters like Amjad Ali Khan and psychedelic roots from Thailand, thanks to Khun Narin.

Beloved’s stunning and intimate Oregon coastal forest venue is located just a few miles east of Tidewater, Oregon, and is 2.5 hours from Portland or Eugene, 5 hours from Ashland or Seattle and 10 hours from San Francisco or Vancouver, BC.

To get in in-depth info about this featival, visit their official link: Beloved – Special Alchemy: Beloved Hosts World Icons, Conscious Dance Music, and Premiere Collaborations 

Sounds like it’s worth checking huh?

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