Stop and listen to “You’re No Friends of Mine”

I love songs that bring out the melancholic and nostalgic sense in me. Music is a way to escape the harshness of the real world. It is also a piece of art that makes you feel in a certain way depending on your frame of mind. Joe Symes & The loving Kind just released their newest single called You’re No Friends of Mine, which is also timely considering that we have experienced losing people in our lives due to religious or political reasons. It is kind soundtrack of regret to those days when we thought relationships would never end but that is life. You have to move on. And you take that piece of your pain and turn it into art so that others may glean at the wisdom of your experience.

Here’s a little bit about the band:

Joe Symes and the Loving Kind are an original three-piece band from Liverpool UK.

They got major support slots from The Blockheads, Dodgy, XTC, Block Party, Alt-J and Starsailor, while their debut album received major raves in the United States. They have an original sound and their music goes down smoothly. The single was recorded At LIPA, Alex Gidman Producing, Mastered at Peter Gabriel’s Solid State Logic Studios April 2017.



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