Jack Sprat: International Appeal

Let’s turn the radar locally. And I mean towards the Philippines where I currently write this post. We have good bands if you really know how to look around. So let me talk about Jack Sprat.

These guys are based in Cebu but they are all from Bacolod City which is my hometown.  But the fascinating thing goes beyond that. They sound very good. Light of the World shows their propensity for perfection, all in the light of tight performance and superb songwriting skills.

Band members are:

Van Marquin Espiritu (Quino) – Vocals
Rene Torena (Yob) – Lead Guitar
JK Sanapo (Ojichan) – Bass
Jan Cris Jara (JC) – Drums

I was chatting with my friend Marcus via facebook. He sent me a link to this band. He did not mention his brother (Yob) plays in the band, but only after when I asked how did he discovered them.

They describe their sound as Alternative/Hard Rock. Light of the World has that 90s vibe and the singing is so impressive I can hardly wait for another song. Do check them out when you have the time and I assure you that you won’t regret it!



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