For Nocturnal Cyclists: Whodoes – Night

It’s been a while since I heard something new from Vasilis Chountas who goes by the monicker Whodoes Musica. He brings many influences to his music including his native Greece and progressive/experimental styles that will enchant people with discriminating ears.

Night is taken from his new album Hours. This one is washed in atmospheric melodies and chilled beats. This is a perfect track for night riding- and in my case night cycling! The calm mood is like cool wind against my face. I can close my eyes and dream of deserted parks and empty boulevards. I can think of old relationships and mourn about the obstinate hands of time. I am cocooned in this cool dark sScreen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.49.38 PMonic web and contented to stay here as I keep hitting playback.

Whodoes continues to evolve as an artist and I am really hoping that many listeners will get to hear Hours and all the wonderful tracks in that album-this one included!

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