A trip to other worlds with Mike Milan Dedic


According to Mike Milan Dedic “The guitar instrumental rock genre is very small at best, and is very difficult to garner attention to.”

Yes that’s perhaps true but man, listen to this guy play. Listen to the three YouTube clips I added below and tell me if this doesn’t sound BIG to you! I remember back in school- which was ages ago- there were friends who were crazy about Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. They spent countless hours dissecting albums and tracks (if they are not worrying about Chemistry and Physics projects) and sported long hair like their idols. I didn’t look like any of them but I hangout with them so I really love the genre.

I am glad to discover this gifted artist and talk about him.


Maddening beauty…

These amazing passages remind me of great composers like Beethoven and Rachmaninov on acid. Mike Milan Dedic who currently resides in Ontario has dedicated his musical gift to this, creating other words with his guitar and enchanting new listeners. His guitar solo track called “Zoom” is a total trip to outer space. You forget everything! It’s really remarkable how one instrument can do that to you. “Energy” is intoxicating with his clever use of arpeggios and varying scales.

He also released a brand new track called Escape, which I think sums up his music and the mood he is trying to create. Amazing artist. Check him out via YouTube and facebook!


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