Hip Hop artist Aero talks about his new song Love and the rise of Indieka Bacolod.



Rapper Aero

Aero took the stage in top form during the Indieka Bacolod gig. He delivered his tunes with candor that can only come from someone who is passionate about his craft and knows that his audience love it. He rapped about the street culture and the beauty of Sugarlandia. Surely, everyone who ever tried living outside of this place knows that sense of nostalgia and also experienced a kind of reverence from strangers when they know where you came from.

I was with my two friends Hannah and Jess. The guys of Bacolod Fixed gear were there as well. It was a great night of music and Aero worked the crowd up with his familiar songs. One of them was Cold Beers which is my favorite. I was tipsy but still aware of every band that performed that night. And they’re all good! Indieka started something that’s really exciting because it’s been a while since I last witnessed a musical event like that.

So I did a Q & A with the man whose real name is Albert Temporosa Peñafuerte. So much respect for the guy who can make those who don’t like hip hop music love the genre. He is not telling you. He is showing you why his music is so good.

You always feature Bacolod street culture both in songs and music videos. What started all this love?

Hip-Hop culture started in the streets. I was fascinated with the four elements — MCing, DJing, B-Boying and Graffiti Writing as early as I remember watching Breakin’. Biking, like what you guys do, is also done on the streets.

You used to be a DJ right? Is it still part of your hobbies or work on the side?

I worked at a local radio station while I was in college, and I even had my own urban music show every Saturday. Currently, I’m learning how to DJ like the ones you see at parties and festivals so I may be able to use the skills in the future. It can be another way to earn through my passion.

A new music video is in the works. It involved our local cyclists (Bacolod Fixed Gear, Munchies Riders, BMX riders etc). What took you to that direction?

LOVE is the name of the brand new music video. Christer Isulat, the director, envisioned a scene with my son and I riding bikes in the sunset. After I posted an inquiry about a bike on Facebook, I was directed to all of you wonderful people, and yeah, big thanks to Newry.

Can you tell us more about your latest album?

As a solo artist, I’m just working on singles right now. I’m in a duo, Drinking Man’s Hip-Hop, with my producer CHRiZO and we recently released The Year Of The Drunken Monkey on Spotify. Aquarius Sessions II and Son Of Eve Sessions III are on the way, also.

You are involved with Indieka Bacolod. What are the things that we can expect from this music project?

I’m proud to say I was part of the very first meeting when we created this brainchild. We have 7 core groups: The Gutfeel, Rust Pocket, Frac/tions, Katumbal, Cali Island, Scroll Down and I, but we’re open to artists who play original compositions. As a music collective, we plan to play plenty of shows in the city and tour other cities with a do-it-yourself mindset to show and prove we have what it takes to be heard by a bigger audience.

Message to your friends and listeners?

Say hello at a show!








Stay tuned for the next Indieka Bacolod gig.

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