The Stars and the Universe Poured Down: Cali Island EP Launch.



May 19 marks the EP launching of Cali Island. It’s a Saturday night so a bunch of people who like good music go to Tippy’s instead of a karaoke bar. We didn’t have this kind of entertainment before so it is refreshing to see good live music again! Cali Island are part of Indieka Bacolod and this creative network of musicians help spark the scene.  They are there so we may continue to hear good music from local artists. 

  For those who don’t know yet, Cali Island are composed of eight musicians playing wonderful reggae music. They write and perform original material  but they also cover tunes from the likes of Big Mountain, Bob Marley, Reel Big Fish etc. If you were there last night then I am sure you experienced the kind of energy that they create and also the degree of sophistication that they put both in their performance and sound production. Band members are:

Deadman Gallardo – Vocals

Art Cari-an – Drums

Christian Samillano – Bass

Nestor Edanio – Lead Guitars

Bunso Doqueza – Percussion 

Jham Samillano – Trumpet

Edward Garcia – Trumpet

PURPLE DYNO, THE GUTFEEL, NANCY BREW, AERO and FRAC/TIONS opened for the band and brought the house down. Gail hosted the show and she was great with the crowd. I was in a jazzy mood last night so I captivated by the music of Nancy Brew. If you love Jazz then you should also check out the band. Shotie ( who is part of Bacolod Fixed Gear) was giving me the Cali Island band history lesson and it was interesting.

When it was Cali’s turn to perform, everyone was already hype up(after consuming several bottles of beer and as a fan of reggae music) so there was a standing ovation and everyone was just swaying and singing along. Aero also took the stage and jammed with the band. It was a great collaboration! So much energy there.

  It was a total creative orgasm that it seemed like the whole universe opened up and the stars with their planets poured down. I was in a daze when it was over. As I walked to get a jeepney to drive me home, I saw a girl riding a mountain bike out of the venue. Then a guy on a fixed gear bike was happily pedaling away. It’s hard to describe that feeling. That kind when you were still starting college and the world was a place of wonder and possibilities. Music is a powerful tool to take us away from our concerns. And that is what we need now. A light in the dark. Thank you Cali Island for the wonderful EP launch. May we hear many more music from you.

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