Fresh: Artificial Intelligence – Paula (amino remix)


I love the sweetness of synth-pop. That’s why I’ve been a fan of the genre (since hearing OMD). This is not the first time that the subject of artificial intelligence has been written about in song form. Kate Bush wrote about this in Deeper Understanding from her album Sensual World. While Kate Bush tackled the darker side of computer addiction, Paula has taken a hopeful path. The electronic beats and robotic vocal backup enhance the song. Words like empathy, alive and recover are dominant in the chorus part.

It is great to hear Paula writing new songs. Hopefully we will hear more. This version is an amino remix by Kjell Roll Elgsaas. Elgsaas collaborated with her musically in the past. These two continue to exchange musical ideas between countries. Paula’s from England while Elgsaas is from Norway). If you are kind of sad then I am sure this song will cheer you up. Listen!

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