Nancy Brew: Caffeinated Music for Syncopated Hearts.

Band members:
Jico Monte (keyboards, vocals), Bito Tiano (guitars, sax, vocals) Ronald Amoroso (drums), Butch Inson (bass, vocals).

I am in the process of posting another interview but while at it, I just think this local band is worth mentioning. Well, they are not just ANY band. They play amazing Jazz music in the vein of Spyro Gyra, Pat Metheny and the like. Hear them once and I know  you will start following them in one of these Indieka Bacolod gigs.

So I was there at Tippy’s one night, high with beers and music then they started playing. They turned the humid night into a virtual seaside. Really good music can both intertain and transport you.  They put an amazing set. I also love the sound of that Roland Juno!

I did a little digging through their Facebook page: Formed in  1998, they started as a band by playing in corporate shows. Everyone was just getting into smooth Jazz due to the popularity of 99.1 Crossover.  They eventually grew with their own original recordings. Don’t miss their new album Light Years, now out!


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