Aurelia: Take Note of that Name.

I like discovering new music on my own. Although there was a time when I wrote about bands because they wrote directly to me, it’s nice to be independent in how you want things to be done. So this artist popped out to my Google search while I was looking for “ethereal” sounding new music.

Aurelia is from Melbourne Australia. Musicfeeds described her sound as Fiona Apple meets Enya. They’re accurate because her new single “America” gives off that vibe. She is also a Grammy nominee so she has a lot of arsenal in her belt. Her voice sounds somewhere between Cindy Lauper and Billie Holiday. I think she is not the first one to approach such sonic landscape. Artists like Lana Del Rey and Mr Little Jeans have been doing this since the early part of the decade. Though, it’s good to have more like her around because it encourages a sort of trend. I would like to hear more from her.

Music has been awfully BIG lately. I mean that in terms of production. Everything is full blast and it is hard to hear one’s thoughts in the midst such intensity. So, Aurelia got me curious and I headed to her Soundcloud page. There I found more goodies. You should try too.

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