Kim Gordon and Body/Head

I picked up Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band  book around three years ago. Why? Because I am intrigued with her visual art. She’s also part of the the iconic Sonic Youth which I explored in the 90s when Modern Rock was so fucking cool and everyone was into NU107. But the band quieted a bit in recent years(will sort of) so I was Googling what Gordon was up to.

I also listened to her No Waves(Body/Head) album which I think was cool. She also said a lot of heavy stuff about Lana Del Rey in that book (I am a big fan of Lana by the way) but I think she has a lot of good points there so can’t fault her. She’s after all part of the riot Grrrl movement. I love her work with Body/Head which is a duo with Bill Nace. They already released five recordings!

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