Alvvays and shooting rubber bands at the moon.

If the title of this blog post sounds a bit familiar(I know not it’s not so original but please don’t hurt meee), it’s because it’s inspired by an album  by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, released in 1988 and spawned the big hit Circles. Though this is not about them, the band I am writing about can be described as having the same atmosphere or musical bent. I am talking about the Canadian band Alvvays.

I got hooked to their music after hearing Not My Baby from an indie pop compilation album and I thought, hey this sounds a bit like The Sundays, April Showers and yes the Bohemians. After hearing their album Antisocialites ( Polyvinyl, Royal Mountain, Transgressive and Inertia) I am won over.

Beautiful gentle vocals wrapped in  jangly guitars, energetic drums and driving bass permeate the cochlea. The band are consist of Molly Rankin, Kerri MacLellan, Alec O’Hanley, Brian Murphy and Sheridan Riley. If the Rankin family name sounds familiar then you are right. She is related to the Celtic music family of The Rankins. Hey that’s awesome right?

You can sample and buy Antisocialtes here:


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