Introducing Jon Magnusson from Sweden

If you are looking for something acoustic to chill to, then do check this guy from Sweden. His name is Jon Magnusson. He makes cheerful and poignant music in the vein of Leonard Cohen, Iron &Wine and yes Simon and Garfunkel! His songs remind me of walking into a sun-drenched field with huge trees swaying to the music of the wind.

If you want to explore his music, I’d recommend you start with Acoustic Dreams because it is one of his notable recordings. Songs like The Street Where I Was Born and Growing Old Disgracefully showcase his wit and humor.

His style of singing is also unique. He doesn’t resort to maudlin delivery like most folk singers. He sounds cheerful even in his emotional songs. His songs are also eclectic. ” Started playing music at a young age, writing songs as a teenager and since two years back decided to make music my full time job. But I do it my way and in direct connection with my listeners and supporters. I’m not dependent on what a label or a manager tells me to do. If I wanna make a jazzy prog-folk EP, I will and then follow it up with a hip hop collab.”

So be sure to watch out for his current and future projects and connect with him for enquiries.

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